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Wotofo Serpent Review

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Reviews By Our Members' started by oil, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. oil

    oil Thread Starter Custom What?

    Dec 24, 2013
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    So i got my WOTOFO Serpent today and i want to report on my first impressions so far.

    First of all thank to @Heaven Gifts for the Giveaway -

    When i opened the Box i was deeply impressed by the tiny size of that Box Mod ..
    So if you need a tiny stealth box you should check out the Serpent :)

    My Box also contained the Serpent Sub 22 Tank with a 0.5 Ohm Coil.
    First i was a bit disapointed that there was no TC coil inside, but ohh boy ... i didnt had a vape yet.

    Besdies that there was another 0.5 Ohm Replacement coil and a Replacement Glass Tube
    and Flat USB cable. So there is everything inside what you need to get started ...
    Even the Battery was pre Charged @ 80%

    So i primed my Coil ... i need to mention that the refill juice system of the Serpent Sub is really not good.
    Most of the time you hold the top cap in your hand when you wanted to remove the lower part. But then
    coil replacement doesnt happen to often so it makes sense that the tank cap looses first.

    So as for quick refill the tank is really Sub(Standart) ... however.... my first vape was just mind blowing,
    i immediatley forgat all the earlier troubles.

    I can honestly say that at 30 Watts this Tank vapes better then my SMOK TFV-8 and that with much less juice drinking.

    I ll get the thickest and most dense clouds from that tank and the taste is just great.

    I just had to do a side by side comparison with the TFV-8 and indeed the clouds of the serpent are superior, taste is about the same.

    The Airflow on the tank is really good as well, i like open draw those days .. and the open draw is even better then on the TFV-8 .. again.

    This tank is mindboggling.

    So in short.. i love this box mod and the tank as well. Hence one more thanks to HG :)

    A few minor notes for Wotofo...
    - Missing the fact that the display cant be flipped
    - the Menue option would be better if same like other mods ... pressing fire and + i find confusing when all other modes use 4 clicks f.e.

    And to the final question ... would i buy it ....
    YEPP most definatly, the tank (better said the coil) still stunnes me, never would have expected that.
    the Serpent is a total lightweight so the perfect buddy to hang out

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