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The Balrog 7.0 vaping kit By UD, received from @Heaven Gifts

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Reviews By Our Members' started by Dieter., Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Dieter.

    Dieter. Thread Starter Secret Member

    Nov 9, 2013
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    First a Thank you to @Heaven Gifts for the giveaway. Here now comes my promised review. I have now had the Balrog 7.0 for a week and done some testing and used it a lot. The set comes with a TC 75 Watt mod a tank 2 Kanthal 0.5 and 1.8 Ohm coils one nickel coil for TC and extra glass for the tank, one USB charger cable, some spare o rings and one spare cotton ring (Condensation collection ring) and when you try to insert the battery, you find a carrying strap to carry the mod around your neck.

    2016-02-04 13.58.17.v01.jpg

    Keep vaping is also the message when you turn of the mod with 5 clicks. I will do the review in 2 parts first the mod and afterwards the tank.

    The Balrog 7.0 mod :

    2016-02-04 12.19.49.v01.jpg
    Here shown beside a Joyetech VTC mini just to show the size. It is nearly the same size, but because it is rounded it feels much smaller in the hand than the VTC mini.
    2016-02-04 12.19.20.v03.jpg

    It comes with a strong spring loaded 510 connection, that gives a good connection. And it comes with a condensation collecting ring, so hopefully also a little leak will be collected by the ring. It comes with one spare ring, and if that one is used also, I guess it's not to difficult to place some cotton under the ring by oneself.

    The Balrog with the ring mounted :
    2016-02-04 12.11.57.v01.jpg
    and tere without the ring notice also the hole on the mod which is used for the carrying strap.
    2016-02-04 12.11.24.v01.jpg
    It's a 70 watt mod and it has all the usual settings power mode TC nickel and Titanium, screen reverse, stealth mode and screen locking, so that is all what we are used to and differ in no way from other mods like the VTC mini or Istick 60 TC. I must say that the build quality is excellent and no rattle in any way. The buttons works just fine. And yet there are differences between this mod and the rest.

    I did not find the power mode very interesting, so I only vaped one of my tanks on it, just to see that it worked fine, and then i turned all my interest to the temperature control mode. I used the tank and the nickel coil provided and start vaping it in TC mode. Since I'm from Europe i use celcius and set it at the same as i would on the VTC mini. That was just a little to harsh, so I had to go down around 45 degree Fahrenheit, for me to be satisfied. Weather it was me, or the airflow on the tank was to tight adjusted, I don't know. More on this later, but i then tried to change to my Ego mega Tank from the VTC mini with Titanium, just to see how that worked, and it just worked the way i was used to from the VTC mini.

    Where the Balrog differs from all my other TC mods is the introducing of a sensitivity setting. We all are familiar with setting a tc mod to a certain amount of watt for the ram up time, and then adjusting the temperature. Doing this i have what @Rick O-Shea would call an underpowered VTC mini and in my opinion an tiny overpowered Istick 60W TC. With the Balrog I have both. I have no way of measuring it and i am looking forward to the first reviews of the mod, BUT what i felt vaping the Balrog was, that when i set the sensitivity setting to 1, it came very close to the VTC mini and when setting the sensitivity to 20 it was a little more, I will call it aggressive, than the Istick 60 W TC. So there is another setting to play around with on this mod, the sensitivity settings that goes from 1 to 20 and regulate how sensitive the temperature control is working. This is something, I have not seen on any other mod, and I'm looking forward to test it a lot more with different tanks. I would have wished, that also the sensitivity setting would be shown on the display, but it does not, but we can't have it all can we ? At least you now have one more setting to adjust in order to find the perfect sweet spot. when you first place a new tank in temperature mode you have to press the + and - button simultaneously in order to lock the resistance in, and after that you don't have to to it again, unless you have a new coil or build. No Question about new or old coil then.

    and by the way i love the error messages. Now, but in TC mode only, the mod also tells me "no liquid" and I must say that works quite fine. With the Balrog tank, it was easy to see that, when the liquid reached the level where no liquid could reach the coil, and after vaping some of the liquid on the wick, it would then tell me in the display "no liquid" very accurate. Good for people with a steal tank . Here the menu system :
    2016-02-04 12.41.10.v01.jpg

    The Balrog 7.0 is very pleasant in the hand and since the power button is so huge and not only a little button ........... 2016-02-04 12.18.14.v01.jpg

    You don't have to hold your finger on the button,you only have to squeeze the mod in your hand a little like this to fire..........

    2016-02-04 12.36.09.v01.jpg

    Well I'm very happy for this mod and it will be one I will be using on a daily basic with another tank I guess. and a fine mod to take out. Just a little warning, since the fire button is triggered so easy remember to loch the mod with the 5 clicks when you transport it.It does not turn of automatically.

    The Balrog 7.0 Tank.

    I mentioned already, that I in the first testing of the Balrog mod that there was a harsh taste in between, and I could not see whether it was the temperature setting to high or the airflow that was to tight. This was one of the biggest problems I had with the tank. First the positive. I like the tank.It looks great is easy to refill at the top and easy to switch the coil. And the tank tasted good from the first vape. What I would have wanted was a rebuild able coil possibility. I miss the RBA section for this tank. Second the tank has a adjustable airflow in form of a outer ring with tiny holes on it. They are impossible for me to see. Not the holes as such, but I cant see whether the airflow is closed, half open or fully open. If they had placed the tiny holes on the inside like the Taifun, it would be easy, but here they are placed on the outside. Since i normally always use my other tanks with fully open airflow, i took the ring of and used the tank with fully open airflow. This also led to another problem.
    2016-02-04 12.24.32.v01.jpg

    The driptip is in 2 parts. first a part with rings to absorb the heat, and the second tiny part is with a small inner diameter. This part is very short and difficult for me at least to get use too, so i changed it to one of my driptips with a larger inner diameter, since the small diameter on the original driptip also did not work too well, after I removed the airflow adjustment ring, and actually had the airflow more open than intended. But in this configuration the tank works perfect for me, and I'm only sorry that i can't rebuild the coils. With my moderations the tank gives me a good vapor even for mouth to lung vape.

    2016-02-04 12.28.05.v01.jpg
    From left to right : first the heat absorbing part of the driptip, in the middle the original second part of the driptip and right the driptip i used.
    2016-02-04 12.29.41.v01.jpg
    and here from left to right, the original driptip part 2 in the middle the driptip i replaced it with and right the first part of the original driptip with the heat absorbers.

    In the little over a week, I now have used the Balrog 7.0 i have been very pleased with the performance, no leaking good taste and enough vapor production for me. I am very fond of this tiny mod and the easy way it fires. I'm also very happy for the extra sensibility setting of the mod. So it's my mod. Only backside is that, when i have to adjust the temperature setting in tc mode, I have to go into the menu with 3 clicks and do it from there.

    There is not to much more to be said. I have concentrated on what makes this mod different from others, since that is the interesting part. The overall build quality looks and feels solid to me and it works as intended. Thanks Heaven gifts.
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  2. Siam Diesel

    Siam Diesel Nauti Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 26, 2014
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    Vape Wastelands
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  3. Heaven Gifts

    Heaven Gifts Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2014
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    Thanks @Dieter. for sharing with us. :very good:
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  4. peter-k

    peter-k Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2015
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    Does the Balrog have a Yihi chipset?
  5. VapeApe

    VapeApe Member

    Jun 26, 2014
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    Nice review
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