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Suggestion for a new Forum Topic

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Site Feedback and Help' started by oil, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. oil

    oil Thread Starter Custom What?

    Dec 24, 2013
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    thruout the years i collected lots of tanks and RTA and i was thinking to myself thats lots of them i just dont use anymore. In my example i use the first Uwell Crown Tank most of the time and pretty much the only tank where i would buy replacement coils for those days.

    i was wondeirng if we could make a topic based on favorite tanks people are using. In my case i have 3 uwell crown tanks, i doubt they ever break but i wouldnt mind having spareparts are even more Uwell Crown tanks for that matter.

    Other people f.e. use only the TFV4 or the Nautilus most of the time. I thought it might be a usefull addition to your forum if we add a FREE exchange platform where the benefactor pays only the shipping cost the other person has but the parts are free of charge.

    That being said, i am sure we got some people still using the Nautilus tank i have a few of them lying around in some boxes i guess, i would glady sent it to the person which has a use for them.

    So what you think of this idea?
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  2. Siam Diesel

    Siam Diesel Nauti Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 26, 2014
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    Vape Wastelands
    @oil - idea is a good one...we have the Giveaway section of the forum that could be used for this. Post up what you want to get rid of and the conditions (i.e., random.org if more than one person, first come first served, etc.). There are a few rules for Giveaways that are listed in a thread in that section.
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