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Ijoy maxo Quad and Ijoy exo tank arrived thanks to Heaven Gift

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Reviews By Our Members' started by Dieter., Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Dieter.

    Dieter. Thread Starter Secret Member

    Nov 9, 2013
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    A few days ago my price the Ijoy Maxo mod and the Ijoy exo tank arrived. Soon after I had received the EMS number from @Heaven Gifts , thank you so much, I ordered 4 sony VTC5 batteries from one of our vendors, so I could charge the four batteries simultaneously and have a "married" pair of batteries ready. I also bought a new charger who can deal with 4 batteries at the same time. Everything ready to try out the Maxo mod when it arrived. On the web page from Heaven Gift I has seen the 3 colors it came in and I just hoped that it would not be another black mod. Red and yellow would be a lot better, but there I was in for a big surprise. It came in blue and so nice.....Wow. I really love the color and the stickers to put on, will not be used. It's just perfect the way it is.

    2017-02-10 11.52.43.v01.jpg

    With the help of a good instruction and manual, it was easy to put the 4 batteries into the device and screw on my "beloved" Kayfun v5 and start vaping. How it feels ? It's great and it's huge. Thanks to the 4 batteries, my old Innokin VTR feelt like a tiny and small device compared to this, but i just love it. It's a device for the home and not something you will bring along.
    2017-02-14 16.35.27.v01.jpg
    I am very impressed by the clear and bright screen, the best one so fare and I can easily read it in normal mode. What I mean I bring up later in the review. When the mod is on, 3 click brings it in the setup mode where you use the up and down button to choose either Nickel, Titanium, Steal, Power Reverse screen or setup mode. Setup mode is where you can set the mod to normal mode, high mode or soft mode and user mode, where advanced users can adjust it even further. I have not tried it, since I had problems with the electricity in our house and an electrician running for days trying to figure it out, so I was really happy with this mod and the power of 4 batteries that last long when you only vape at some 12 - 14 watt. Here the mod in all it's beauty :

    2017-02-10 11.55.01.v01.jpg

    Lets take about the tank the Ijoy exo tank came with a coil build in and a nasty spare coil pre made with 4 coils. Seeing that I just put the tank aside for now and used my own Lemo 3 to test the mod with more than the usual (for me) 12 - 20 Watt. So I tried the Maxo mod with my Lemo 3 at 65 and 70 watts and empty one tank. Sorry, but that is not for me. The vape was just fine no dry hits at all and at 70 watt fine warm vapor, and with 4 or 5 vapes, the kitchen was filled with vapor, and I must say, honestly, that is not the kind of vaping for me, so I am happy that I did not use the Ijoy exo tank. Within the next few days I'm planning a giveaway of the tank to someone, who might have a better use for it. So cloud chasers keep an eye open for the giveaway. The tank package has been opened, but is new and not used yet. I left it for an "expert" to try the tank out. Here the mod with the Lemo 3 tank I only use for testing.
    2017-02-11 12.02.51.v01.jpg
    All in all I am happy for the mod. This is a give away and I'm a happy winner, but on the other hand, I feel I also have to tell my friends in the community, about a few flaws on this mod. The first thing that worries me a little is the battery cover or lid. It has only a little hook in the front to hold the lid, and i fear with time it might loosen up ? I already once had the batteries fall out of the device, when I took it from the stand, so nothing happened, but I am now very careful when I close the lid and check that it is tightened. There is a minor gap between the battery lid and the mod. But be careful when replacing batteries.

    2017-02-14 14.35.23.v01.jpg

    And here is also the first thing that worries me a little. The battery cover at the bottom is only held in place with a tiny mechanism in the front of the device, and might loosen. It happen once for me, so I'm careful now and there is a gap between the mod and the battery cover.

    As i stated before I am still very impressed about the clear screen in normal mode.

    2017-02-14 14.37.03.v01.jpg
    But the screen also has an intergalactic mode, which is shown at random. It just switch over from normal mode to intergalactic mode a few times during the day. Mostly when you just wait for the screen to turn of and then press the fire bottom, it is back in normal mode. Since the mod turns the screen of after a minutes inactivity the normal mode comes back quiet easy for now. Here the mod in intergalactic mode
    2017-02-14 16.30.04.v01.jpg
    But beside this minor flaws, the mod is just working fine, looks great and has a great or huuuge battery capacity. I'm happy to be the lucky owner of this power monster.
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  2. jpr

    jpr Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2016
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    thank a lot to you for your feedback.
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