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XTAR PB2 Battery Charger w/Power Bank Function

Discussion in '3Avape' started by 3Avape, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. 3Avape

    3Avape Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2014
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    Input: 5V/ 2.1A
    Constant current: 2A*1/ 1A*2
    USB output: 5V/ 2.1A
    Cut-off voltage: 4.2±0.05V
    Cut-off current: ≤120mA
    -2-in-1 functions
    -Quick charging time
    -LED digital display
    -DIY power bank capacity
    -Convenient magnetic panel
    -Mini, pocket-friendly size
    -Anti-scratch rubberized coating
    Used as a battery charger:
    • Max real 2Ax1/ 1Ax2 charge current, fully charge 1x 2500mAh 18650 in 1.5hrs or 2x 2500mAh 18650 in 3hrs.
    • Equipped with all XTAR unique features like 0V Activation function revives over-discharged batteries, TC/CC/CV three-stage charging maximizes battery lifespan, multi-protections and so on.
    Used as a power bank:
    • Conversion efficiency up to 92%.
    • Max 2.1A USB output, fully charge Iphone 7 Plus in 2hrs.
    • Protect our environment with replaceable batteries design, control the quality of the cells yourself and DIY the capacity of your mini power bank up to 7000mAh+.
    • Battery charge & discharge balancing technology makes all of capacity available for use and increase each cell’s longevity.
    • Hand-held portable charger with magnetic cover design, fast charge your USB devices and all kinds of cell phones anywhere anytime.
    Package includes:
    1x XTAR PB2 Charger
    1x USB Cable
    1x User Manual

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