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World first slide pod mod-OXVA Vativ Super Mod Kit 100W 5ml

Discussion in 'Everzon' started by EVERZON, Oct 21, 2021.


    EVERZON Thread Starter New Member

    May 24, 2018
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    The Vativ super mod breaks the boundaries of mod technologies, bringing the vape experience of the mod kit to a new level! The ultimate balance of power, simplicity and versatility. OXVA Vativ Super Mod Kit 100W keeps s big step forward in the history of vaping, the distinctive feature is that as the first slide pod mod all over the world

    Lossless Switch Between Box and AIOZero Power Loss
    Fast is the most shining advantage for this pod mod, switch coil in seconds and replace your battery in seconds that features a C-frame magnetic battery door, this slide design is aimed at a faster and faster enjoy. It is compatible with both Unione tanks and cartridges, the Unione PnM Tank has a 4ml or 5ml Pyrex Glass tube to replace, in conjunction with the new Uniplus coils, you can reach an desired result for flavor and cloud.

    Designed with traditional 510 threading and boost chipset to achieve the most stable power output. Stand out for its single 18650 battery (not included) as the power source, it leads to consistent power for you to vape, couple with the up to 100W output, this stable and versatile mod can satisfy your different vaping demands in some way.

    NEW VPC MODE-Easy as Power Mode
    Combine with 4 modes to choose, which contains smart mode, power mode, volt mode, VPC mode, and advanced VPC mode. Adjust the Power Curve by the percentage variables. Once the custom P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 percentage variables are set, Simply adjust the basic power, when we use different resistance coils; The chip will intelligently match the variable values.

    The new Uniplus have evolved from Unicoils, to achieve even more cloud and immense flavor production. The new cotton inside consistently delivers pure flavor that lasts longer than ever.

    Lossless switch between pod mod and 510 mod
    World first slide pod mod. unique slideway design
    Powered by single 18650 battery, real 100W output
    Buck-boost chipset, super fast fire(<0.002s)
    4 modes: Smart & Power & Volt & VPC, advanced VPC mode
    Easy C-frame magnetic battery door
    Pyrex N' magnetic
    Replace coil/fill in seconds
    New Uniplus coils, more clouds and better flavor
    Compatible with Uniplus coils

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