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Vapers with lung damage issues in the US

Discussion in 'E-News' started by Bantorvaper, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Bantorvaper

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    Nov 20, 2015
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    There have been numerous articles recently regarding numerous incidents of vapers suffering lung problems in the US with many hospitalized and I believe at least one death. Most articles initially related the problem to vaping generally though they did note (usually at the article end/or poorly emphasized) that the majority of these vapers had admitted to vaping cannabis oil. A high moment for anti-vapers--in one article the writer was proudly calling calling this "vapers lung"--perhaps he/she was hoping this terminology would catch-on.

    Another direction looked at (still continuing) is bootleg vape-juice. See:

    With the CDC involved and improved inter-state sharing of information investigations do now appear to associate the issue much more directly and publicly with cannabis oil, though types that are not meeting the necessary chemical safety make-up.

    Vitamin E acetate in marijuana vaping products is linked to lung illness, FDA and state labs find - The Washington Post

    Hopefully the problem can be addressed in a meaningful manner, as can the perception/terminology to permanently distinguish the difference between vaping cannabis derivatives and normal vape juice.
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