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Vape video in Thai...

Discussion in 'Youtube Vaping Videos' started by -V-, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. -V-

    -V- Thread Starter Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 28, 2012
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    This popped up on my Youtube home page, all in Thai and with me being out of Thailand for so long now couldn't really follow the Thai, so no real idea what they are on about....

    A few years old but maybe someone can fill in what they say...

  2. Rick O-Shea

    Rick O-Shea iStick Fanboy

    Aug 31, 2014
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    No idea, but isn't the guy in the thumbnail credited with inventing 'e-cigs'?
  3. Ben2vape

    Ben2vape Well-Known Member

    Nov 23, 2018
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    A very nice video - saying that you're just vaporising food grade/medicine grade PG and VG.

    The guy in front of a wall quit smoking, saying how the habit of vaping is not as addictive as smoking, and has far less unhealthy issues...

    They go on about how other countries legalise this as a very good option for helping folks quit smoking.

    Another guy points out the way it's increasing... something I discovered a few times myself, behind closed doors when getting out my vape people say 'wow, you're not scared?' and then admit that they also quit smoking and have various vapes/heets etc hidden in their bags for secretive use.

    Finishing up with a comment which is also relevant - and probably vaping worst enemy - some folks will vape because it's 'fashion', rather than switch from smoking.

    All in all a very positive message - love this video...

    Factual education is really all that's really needed. Just a few months ago in the Holiday Inn in Pattaya I had a German guy shout from about 10 metres away as I walked to my room that smoking isn't allowed... The only reason I can see for not liking smokers is that they bother people with the smell - even with people smoking outside I'm aware now of the smell than I was before (though when I smoked I was really pissed off at how folks always complained...).

    Last week my mother in law couldn't wait to tell my wife to warn me of the dangers of vaping - how it can cause cancer and it must be true because she saw it on TV.

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