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Uwell Crown 4 Dual SS904L Coil

Discussion in 'Vape4ever' started by Vape4ever_Pony, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Jul 2, 2019
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    >>>>>>>>>> Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<<

    The Crown 4 Dual SS904L Coil is famous for its amazing design and great performance. The device carries Uwell's favored plug-pull replacement coil for optimal flavoring and stainless-steel finish to ensure durability. The product is available in a packing of four. One of the most impressive features is the self-cleaning UWELL's patented technology. This ensures that extra vaping liquid that is collection in the chamber base is collected and vaporized. Owing to this feature, you don't have to clean your UWELL Crown 4 Tank frequently. Pro Flavor Core Optimization System (or Pro-FOCS ). This UWELL's patented mechanism is designed to recycle each puff twice before intake. Double circulation adds much more flavor to each inhale.

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