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TFV4 Mini full Kit

Discussion in 'Big By-Pass's Atomizers, Cartomizers and Tanks' started by Big by-pass, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Big by-pass
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    Big by-pass Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2014
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    TFV4 MINI Kit

    The kit includes:

    • 1x TFV4 mini tank
    • 1x TF-CLP2 Core (0.35Ω)
    • 1x TF-S6 Core (0.4Ω)
    • 1x TF-RCA Core
    • 1x Replacement Glass Tube
    • 1x Black Seal Gasket A
    • 1x Black Seal Gasket B
    • 2x Replacement Seal Gaskets for Top Cap
    • 1x Small Airflow Tip
    • 1x Black Vape Band
    • 1x White Vape Band
    • 2x Replacement O-rings for Drip Tip
    • 1x Refill Warning Card
    • 1x Screwdriver
    • 1x Package of Organic Cotton
    • 1x Replacement Seal Ring for Glass Tube
    • 1x Replacement Wire

    TFV4 Mini
    The TFV4 Mini is a compact tank from SMOK. With 22 mm in diameter, this mini tank matches a wide range of mods. Featuring eight brand new cores: TF-CLP2, TF-S6, TF-RCA, TF-Ti, TF-N2, TF-N2 Air Core, TF-T2, and TF-T2 Air Core, it’s designed to bring you unexpected vaping experience. The top refill design makes filling as easy as it gets. The double-layered drip tip has also been improved on the inner layer of glass to avoid scalding. TFV4 mini is truly one of a kind

    Price 1600THB. (color Black)
    Price 1550THB. (color SS)
    Coil TF-CLP2 150THB.
    Coil TF-T3 180THB.
    EMS 60THB.

    tfv4 mini.jpg1.jpg

    tfv4 mini.jpg2.jpg
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  2. JohnKalasin
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    JohnKalasin Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2015
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    The RCA Core. Does it come with 2 screws or 4? I have seen some review about this Kit and seems there are some with only two pins(screws)
  3. Scuba Vaper

    Scuba Vaper Open Water Scuva Instructor

    Dec 23, 2015
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    Wherever the Onion takes me today
    It's 4 screws, the "new' Clapton version, have one in front of me, courtesy Mr big ... Big doesn't answer that often, so little point in asking here ... Email him or Google it
    Ps Google "TF-RCA Smok" would have answered your question, big already put that on the description

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