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Some advice on thailand rquired

Discussion in 'The Thailand Vapers Lounge' started by chris snell, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. David in Bangkok

    David in Bangkok Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2014
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    I thought that was Cambodia not Laos?

    I like these little rumors of places, but I've never actually been.
    As far as the OP, maybe a few comments...

    1. As far as Thai girls go, just be careful. Really I don't know the point of warnings since most people are love sick and that's why things happen to begin with. There really is no easy way to get someone out of this situation, but if you can try, just be smart about things.

    2. As far as getting around, you will be green, you will have interesting times, you will probably be looked at as an ignorant rude farang sometimes, but that's the only way to really become accustomed to this place. You can sit inside apartments and malls all day, but you will never experience Thailand, and like some people you will be lost without your girlfriend, I just don't see the fun in that. Try to now learn some words you will need (names of food, turn left, right, drive straight etc) and I think you will have an awesome time adventuring around Thailand by yourself.
    I'm sure your girlfriend is great and all, and spend time with her, but take some time alone and go and experience a foreign country, you'll have an awesome experience and one very different from when your girlfriend is just playing tour guide and taking care of you.
    As far as being worried, there's a small amount of petty crime, bring a photocopy of your passport and leave your passport where you are sleeping, don't carry huge sums of cash, just be a little wary and I think you will be fine, I would not call it dangerous for someone who is aware of their surroundings. As far as scams, you can read about some of the popular ones, you have a girlfriend so you apparently don't need to worry about girls (or you can read about those if you wish). The great part about scams is that for the most part if you are scammed it will just cost you a little time or a little amount of money, unless something out of the ordinary happens it shouldn't affect you or your budget enough to make it dangerous. Just be a little smart about things, you said you had a girlfriend from another Asian country, I find Thailand to have some similarities to other 3rd world countries, so having been to one of those may help you.

    I don't really know what else specifically you'd like to know, but feel free to post any questions on here. The budget is really hard because you can live on more or less and a lot of things are unknown such as how you like to eat. You say you like those meatballs, but look into the health of that before you start that diet, you may want to eat unhealthy Thai food a little less than you originally thought (or eat Thai food but not as poor quality as the damn meatballs!)

    Just a note about Thai girlfriends and the other posts. I have been lucky enough to not have experienced a relationship with that issue, but I have seen it a lot. I have had too many Thai people try to take advantage because I'm white and they assume I'm rich. The posters here have their hearts in the right place, as do you because I have no doubt you think your girlfriend is different than that. But everyone just is sick of hearing these sad stories that should be preventable and only add to more people out and about trying to use anyone white to make a buck. Just take them as a word of caution.

    I think like everyone else, I just want to see you have a good time and avoid any of that money/relationship pitfalls. So here's hoping you have a great time in Thailand!
  2. Rowdy

    Rowdy Old broken down Vaper

    Aug 23, 2014
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    Rayong Thailand
    Op, You have received a lot of very good advice from the members here. You may think some of the replies are cruel but no they are just being honest.

    I have been in and around S.E. Asia since 1981, Thailand since 1990, I think I have seen & heard it all but the day I say that I know it all is the day I'm in trouble.

    Famous last word from ex pats here:

    " But you don't understand this is different"

    Please enjoy yourself & do NOT trust anyone Thai or Foreigner.
  3. Talen

    Talen Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2014
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    Fixed it for ya :grin:
  4. chris snell

    chris snell Thread Starter crispenator

    Jan 18, 2015
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    adelaide australia
    Hi all back after a short sojourn ,thanks for all your coments and i will take it in as i know you have a lot more knowledge than my self about this country , someone said "trust no one" this is a good poolicy because as they said farang can be as deceptive as i imagine a thai can be .I have been watching the pattaya people website just to get some idea on the place ,but the best one i have seen was titled "finger licking good " cracked me up . I dont know how acurate it is with there crime reports but there seem to be some not so nice people there but i suppose in a built up araea with clubs and bars you must expect that and to be on your gaurd .Anyway thanks again for your comments ill take them on board .
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