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Lottas E Juice

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Reviews By Our Members' started by shoo-D, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. shoo-D
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    Apr 15, 2015
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    So I got some of Lottas e-liquids that he makes himself and would like to share my opinions on them:

    Thug Juice (low menthol, 6mg)
    Great balance between all the fruity flavours and the menthol finish on the exhale is smooth. With Lottas version i really started to like TJ. Before it was something i would sneak a hit from but never fill my tank with. Now I like it, because the complexity of the flavours is evened out.

    Lime (6mg)
    Fresh and fruity. So far my favourite fruit juice. It is refreshing without being too sweet or too intense. To me, it is like Elmer Citro compared to Sprite. Sprite I find too sweet and too artificial. Elmer Citro on the other hand (which is a local Swiss version of lemon soda with alpine mineral water btw) is refreshing, the lemon part tastes more natural and it is not too sweet. I can vape this juice all day.

    Blueberry Candy (6mg)
    My morning vape. Smooth, sweet vape without appearing sticky sweet with the blueberry being more subtle than any other blueberry i have tried before. Soft, sweet, smooth.

    Cherry Halls (6mg)
    Lotta told me he wanted to get as close to that cherry cough drop flavour as possible and man, he got it right. The fruit taste is more intense than for example in the Blueberry Candy but so is the menthol compared to the Thug juice. Still I like it, but this one I could not go with all day.

    All in all, I love how they all are even balanced and how smoothly they vape. I dont get punched in the face by sweetness or get shocked by some extreme mint on the exhale. He did not overdo it with any of the flavours and instead found the middle ground where each flavour can be tasted but is not overpowering any other.

    Since i started vaping April this year I tried as many different liquids that are available in LOS. Starting with the cheap stuff from Dekang or Feellife over Mt. Baker to Malaysian juices to more expensive imported juices. Immediately regretted the cheap stuff, got fed up with Mt. Baker and either I didnt set up my devices right or the Malaysian stuff is just too extreme for my taste buds (all the cooling agents... what is that all about).
    I can only recommend Lottas liquids to anyone who feels similar about the cheap and the extremely flavoured liquids available. I will definitely continue to try as many juices as i can lay my hands on, just out of curiosity. But this juice i will come back to, if possible.
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