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Cool Joyetech Unimax 25 Review

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Reviews By Our Members' started by jorakae, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. jorakae

    jorakae Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2015
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    Thanks to @Heaven Gifts I was so kindly provided with this new Unimax 25 from Joyetech.

    The first thing I would like to mention is that shipping was fast and arrived in just over 2 weeks.

    What you get:

    A 25mm tube style 3000 mAh mod, 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off. It has two different modes, a direct output mode and a constant output mode. Direct output mode (white light) reduces the voltage as the battery drains and constant output (orange light) mode maintains full power until the battery is completely drained. It also has a spring loaded 510 pin in case you wanted to put another tank on it. It has your standard built in USB port for charging.

    A 25mm 5ml top fill clearomizer tank. Top adjustable airflow, so the air travels from the top of the tank under the coil and through the chimney. The tank is top filled by unscrewing the top cap and has fairly good size holes to fit most of your standard size filling bottles. Comes with two coils, both 0.5 ohms, rated 20-40w. It also has a removable drip tip that locks in to the top of the tank.

    In the extra kit section, you get a spare glass, extra o-rings and a Joyetech tank protection ring, USB cable, and an extra set of leather styled sticker wraps for the mod.

    The Look:

    It is pretty classy for a tube style mod even with the interchangeable leather styled stickers. You can change up the stickers for a different look which makes it more customizable than your standard tube mods.

    The Feel:

    I actually like tube style mods just because they are easy to hold and carry about. The larger 25mm size fits in the hand better than the smaller 22mm tube mods and the leather styled stickers give it a bit grip than a full stainless steel mod. The firing button has a softer feel to it but not loose.

    The vape:

    The flavor on this device is excellent. It is a cool, smooth vape. With the airflow opened all the way it puts out some decent clouds. With the airflow restricted, you can do mouth to lung if that's your style of vaping. No leaks so far.


    The size and stickers help it to fit in the hand nicely.
    3000 mAh battery to keep it going most of the day.
    Excellent flavor, smooth cool vape.
    Top airflow, top filling.
    Detachable so that the tank and mod can be used independently.


    While it does support your standard drip tips, it has a bit of a nub on the top that it fits in to. I personally would have preferred a flat top with a recession for drip tips.
    The biggest con for me is that the coils are a new design and might be difficult to source. Luckily www.heavengifts.com does have them in stock.


    Having spent a few days with it, it is a simple and easy to use device that I think would satisfy most vaper's needs. I like the size and feel of the device and the interchangeable stickers. The battery takes ~2 hours to charge from empty and so far the original coil is still producing good flavor and vapor. I would definitely recommend it for beginner to intermediate vapers or those who prefer the tube style devices with great flavor and an easy to use tank.
  2. jpr

    jpr Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2016
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    thank you for your feed back.
    off topic:
    I'm just happy reading feed back from give away or just opinion about a vaping device on the forum.

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