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iStick silicone case and Sticker

Discussion in 'Big By-Pass's Accessories, Batteries & Chargers' started by Big by-pass, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Big by-pass
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    Big by-pass Thread Starter Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2014
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    iStick silicone case For 20W & 30W
    ELeaf now design a new kind of silicone case, in order to protect iStick from normal wear and tear. It is more comfortable and more economical. All the corresponding button positions are marked correctly so one can adjust iStick easily without taking it out of the case. There are four colors for your choice: black, white, hot pink and blue.


    Color Black
    Price 90THB.
    EMS 50THB.

    iStick 50W Silicone Case
    ELeaf introduce four colors of silicon case for iStick 50W: black, white, hot pink and blue. They are soft and elastic to fit closely with the battery. One can use them to protect the device from external abrasion. Now, it's time to dress your favorite device up!

    Color Black Blue White
    Price 120THB.
    EMS 50THB.

    iStick stickers For 20W & 30W
    Eleaf provides five different patterns of stickers so people can paste them on their favourite iStick. They can make your iStick more diverse and personalized. What's more, they will protect iStick from abrasion outside.

    1.Make your iStick prepared and clean the surface of it
    2.Pay attention to the direction of stickers
    3.Press the stickers with your fingers to avoid air bubbles
    4.Insure the edge of stickers flat

    Sticker no.2,3,4,5
    Price 30THB./1sheet
    EMS 50THB.
  2. -V-

    -V- Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 28, 2012
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    Nice , knew it wouldn't take long to get them over here...
  3. Nanook

    Nanook Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2015
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    Happy to see these 50W cases, have 2 on the way now, Thx Big. Sad to cover up the nice color of my blue one, but they almost slip out of my hand a couple of times of day so will be good to have the cases.

    Btw, if anyone gets the Istick 30W stickers plz let us know if they're any less slippery than the original case.

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