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How do you know about VOOPOO?

Discussion in 'VooPoo' started by voopootech, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. voopootech

    voopootech Thread Starter New Member

    Sep 13, 2018
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    Hi guys,

    Today, let's do a survey about how do you know about VOOPOO?And what do you know about VOOPOO?


    VOOPOO was established in 2014.
    After the acquisition of the U.S. brand WOODYVAPES in 2017, the company officially entered the e-cigarette industry, and develop rapidly with good sales performance all over the world.
    VOOPOO aims to serve the tens of millions of e-cigarette users across the globe. With its product line covering from entry-level to enthusiast- level, the brand demonstrates its relentless pursuit of technology and continuously excelling technique in every detail. Upholding the craftsmanship, VOOPOO leads the industry standards of both technology and technique. Moreover, with its innovation, the company successfully sets the world's fastest ignition speed, and creates the power compensation mode, so that e-cigarettes are more scientific, more intelligent and more secure.

    • In 2014
      VOOPOO was officially established to serve the medical and industrial fields.
    • In 2017
      VOOPOO acquired the U.S. brand WOODYVAPES brand to officially enter the e-cigarette industry.
    • In 2017
      VOOPOO became the sole global strategic partner of GENE chip to jointly develop GENE.FAN,an upgraded high-end chip.
    • In the same year
      VOOPOO quickly gained a place in the e-cigarette industry through innovative technologies and high-quality products, leading the technical standards of the industry;
    • At present
      VOOPOO has more than 500 employees, including over 100 professional R&D personnel.The business area of the Company has covered North America, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and Asian countries;[​IMG]

      Improve the life quality of consumers

      VOOPOO continues to provide more scientific, safer and smarter e-cigarette products based on the needs of consumers. Through unremitting efforts in innovation and technology, VOOPOO improves the life quality of consumers and helps people enjoy intelligent life with high quality.

      Promote the healthy development of the industry

      VOOPOO advocates open cooperation to establish a win-win situation. The Company works with partners to promote a sustained and healthy development of the industry and work together to create an ecosystem of the innovative technology industry. It is the Company’s commitment to providing consumers with a new lifestyle.

      Share quality technology with the world
      VOOPOO uses innovative technologies and thoughtful design to endow technological products with creative ideas and trustworthy experiences.In addition, by sharing the cross-regional and cross-cultural products with global customers, the Company helps build a better world with elements of technology and intelligence.

      Construct a diversified value platform
      In the future, with adherence to innovation asthe driving force of enterprise development, VOOPOO will deepen its exploration of innovation and technology to create a diversified, multi-brand platform of Internet technology, so as to provide a platform for people to play their personal value and cherish opportunities for rapid growth.

      From the above information about us, do you have any comment or advice that you want to say to us?
      Welcome to comment below.

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