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Gearbest Giveaway TFV8 Review

Discussion in 'Thailand Vapers Reviews By Our Members' started by oil, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. oil

    oil Thread Starter Custom What?

    Dec 24, 2013
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    there was recently a Giveaway where i was lucky enough to win a Smok TFV8 CloudBeat Tank. Since i was asked of a Review as well, he it comes ...

    I am gratefull for the Gift ... thou i dont quite understand the Hype around that tank.

    But first things first. The Tank arrived pretty fast, so comparing shipping times with other i ll give GearBest a Double Thumbs up.

    As for the Unboxing ... well it did cotain 3 Coils, the Redbuildable Dual Clapton is most impressive, however the SMOK Quality Control is plain horrible, since one Coils is literally broken, in terms of the Coil arrived in several Pieces, for a tank in that price segment thats really bad. Besides that there was also a Replacement Glass, overall well equipped.

    Another downturn is the own naming of Coils, which clearly makes no sense and only confused the Vapor World, in the package is the V8 RBA, V8 Q4, V8-T8, they all have recommeded Power settings written on the coil thou i wonder why they dont write the coil material, i mean once of those would hopefully be a TC coil although i doubt that by now.

    As for the real Life test. The Airflow is really amazing on that one, but the whole things getting very hot, very fast. The recommended setting for the Quadruple coil 50 - 260 Watts or BEST 120-180 Watts

    From where they get their data totally escaped me, at 180 Watts the vapor is sooo hot you wont survive more then one draw, but sure its a lot of vapor.
    Even if set to 120 Watts, the vapor get very very hot after the 3rd Draw, Taste very good and Intense, but just not doable for a length of a cigarette. Even worse is the Battery life of a RX200S is at those rates really down to a minimum.

    i found my sweetspot on 80 Watts, but i guess thats personal taste different for everybody.
    Nevertheless the fact is at 80 Watts is nowhere close to being a Cloudbeast. but it still delivers a good taste.

    If i compare this tank with others ... then i would say its way better then the TFV4 Micro Tank,
    If i compare it to my long term favorite Uwell Crown, i woudl say it produces less vapor then the Crown but the Taste is better.

    But the Heating up Factor is really bad, after around 40-60 Draws the Tank delivers soooo much Heat to the RX200S you can almost not touch it anymore. Out of fun i measure the Temperature of the Tank and it well over 55 Degrees Celcius ... the heat is not coming from the Batteries cause their temperature the same time was 35 C, the Body from the RX200S heated up to 45 C.

    So overall i heard only praise about this tank in the official reviews but i have to admit i cant share those mostly very well reviews.

    I am still happy cause its the first giveaway i won thou ... but thats just my hoenst review
  2. GearBest

    GearBest Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2014
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    Thank you for your honest review.
    The problem you mention may be the product problem, we will check it and give you a respond!
    Have a good weekend!
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