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FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Coils $15.68

Discussion in 'Vape4ever' started by Vape4ever_Pony, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Jul 2, 2019
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    Vape4ever Product Time <<<<<<<<<<
    The Freemax Fireluke mesh coils are available in a pair of five and features a double or even a triple layered system of Kanthai coil designs and the pulp along with the cotton manufactured wick which is manufactured by 80% of the cotton fibre and 20% from the simple cotton fibre, for better flavor, nicotine hit and the longevity of the coils. This allows the Freemax Fireluke M coils to have a shelf life of almost two or 3 weeks' time for normal usage.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Know more details, please visit>>> http://bit.ly/2OadfjS


    How to change Freemax Fireluke Coil?

    When you find yourself in a fix to change the mesh wire of the Fireluke there are actually no worries at all. Changing the coil is very easy and all of this is possible due to the impeccable design of this vape starter kit, it has 4 distinguished compartments that are attached to a common base. So, when the coil is to be changed the whole body of the vape kit is disengaged the coil is changed at once and the whole setup is assembled again, it all fits very easily and properly because the base holds all the other elements and you won't have to worry about reassembling the vape kit in a wrong way. But in order to replace the coil the tank of the vape starter kit must have to be completely empty to prevent the leaking of the e-juice.
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