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Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA 23mm VS DOVPO Bogan Blotto RTA VS Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA 23.4mm

Discussion in 'Everzon' started by EVERZON, Sep 6, 2021.


    EVERZON Thread Starter New Member

    May 24, 2018
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    Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA is the latest design collaboration with the vape reviewer Vaping Bogan.
    DOVPO Blotto RTA and Dovpo Blotto Mini RTA can support dual coils or single coil. Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA is specifically configured to be single coil only.

    And there are some improvement about all metal posts, a more rugged bottom section and the Airflow control ring.

    DOVPO Blotto and Dovpo Blotto Mini has an insulator to the rear and features the 242┬░ direct to coil Airflow system provides fantastic flavor. For the latest Blotto Single RTA posts, Dovpo utilized stainless steel to seal the honey-combed style posts, to be more tolerable to the heat. The positive and negative posts formed a 272┬░circle where the built wire sits.

    DOVPO Blotto Single Coil RTA inherits the original honeycomb air ring to adjust for superior flavor to match your taste and top refilling design to prevent the leaking.

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