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Buybest Black Friday Sale, Up to 80% Off, Crazy Flash Deal

Discussion in 'Buybest' started by buybest, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. buybest

    buybest Thread Starter New Member

    Dec 13, 2017
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    Dear friends,

    It's gonna be that exciting time of year again - Black Friday, which means the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. As usual, almost all stores will offer huge discounts and crazy deals on this day. It's definitely the best time to prepare gifts or stock up goods for the upcoming Christmas and New Year. Buybest have also been preparing for a long time and decide to lay out all of the best deals ahead of time, in order to return to our lovely customers on this Thanksgiving Day.


    Sale Time: Nov.22 - Nov.29, 2018 (PST)

    1. 10% OFF Site Wide Discount

    2. Super Flash Deal: 8 nice items updated every 2 days with amazing prices


    3. 50% OFF for Selected Items

    4. 15% OFF $50 for Selected Items (Code: BLACK10)

    5. 20% OFF $100 for Selected Items (Code: BLACK20)

    6. 30% OFF $150 for Selected Items (Code: BLACK30)

    Apart from these good deals, you can also have a chance to win free gift by sharing our Black Friday Sale page to your facebook. If you are one of the top 500 customers who share every day, you will get one of three free gifts randomly (the gift will be redeemed with a coupon which will be put in your account and delivered together with your order). You can only get free gift once no matter how many times you share every day.

    More details, please check Black Friday sales for e cigs, toys, electronic accessories

    Happy Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday Shopping

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