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3 Ultra Luxury Mech Mods from AFK Studio, Manual Carving, High Collection Value

Discussion in 'Buybest' started by buybest, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. buybest

    buybest Thread Starter New Member

    Dec 13, 2017
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    For those who love to collect unique vape gears, we'd like to introduce three super luxury mech mods from AFK Studio, which are not only vape devices but also artworks. Now let's take a quick look.

    AFK Studio Prajna 3D Manual Carving Mech Mod fuses buddhist element which indicates health, peace, happiness, and many other propitious things. It adopts high quality material to ensure up-scale texture and luxurious appearance. The mod is a totally handmade item that comes with three-stage structure to ensure your safety. What's more, the adapter on the base effectively prevents arc damage to the battery. It's available in two versions, one is made of 925 silver + 9K gold and the other adopts white copper + brass material.


    AFK Lotus Lotus Prajna 3D Manual Carving Mech Mod adopts luxurious material which includes silver, turquoise or white copper, brass to offer high end texture and collection value. Lotus always means dignity, purity and wisdom in buddhism, but also includes our warmest regards. Handmade process makes uniqueness and three-part structure can effectively ensures your safety. Adapter on the base prevents arc damage to the battery. What's more, the white copper one only has 1000 pieces in the world.


    AFK Studio Honey The Crystal Mod features a sparkling appreance design that adopts the manual mosaic craft with over two thousands ziron and cupid diamond cutting process. It comes with primary transfer piece on the base to prolong battery life and enhance performance. In addition, the three-part design can effectively ensure your safety.


    For more info, please check out:
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